The joys of insomnia for my creative business | Ashley Vincenti

Society says…

Wake up around 7. Prepare for the day. Go to work or school. Dinner by 6….early to bed, early to rise…

Yes. Very often this is a good way, and it’s my way. But no, not always.

How about SUPER-early to rise?

A LOT of my work product, and my best work product…happens like some magic inspiration during those very reliable monthly days-long stretches of “insomnia”. Ah, but this is not the kind of insomnia your parents warned you about. This is a pass out cold at 930pm and wake up at 2am with a sweet buzzing in your head to go and CONQUER your computer for hours in total silence and peace. This is early riser blue-ribbon stuff, this is Grape Nuts without the Grape Nuts kind of epic morning bliss. This is your ambitious and energetic youth, visiting you in the middle of the night. Welcome it like the creative that you are.

You don’t want to take it too far. Go back to bed if you can by 5am, get a couple more hours of sleep in so the subconscious decision to wake-up that early and its aftermath doesn’t take too much of a toll. Balance…is everything!